Botfeeder Specialty 1.75mm – Filastic


Flexible, with the texture of skin like rubber and paint the way you want. A lively looking models can be your to collect. A more realistic skin texture Amazing flexibility High durability Paintable Accurate prints Filament tracker to prevent tangling drop-proof spool holder Material identifier: White = PLA/Specialty; Black = ABS Imported TPE Tech Specs   Material Flexible Material Size 1.75mm Tolerance +/- 0.05mm Color Natural Gross Weight 700g Shipping Weight 1.2kg Product of Taiwan Features BotFeeder flexible filament (Filastic™) is derived from materials supplied by worldly recognized corporations. It is through the compounding of specially selected components that allow the aforementioned filament to possess superior physical properties. Like our other filaments, our approach remains consistent to this day in terms of providing only genuinely pure and premium quality filaments without the addition of plasticizers and chemical additives. Similarly, this same principle applies to BotFeeder Filastic™. It has been found through tests that a print with 100% infill could reach surface hardness at 86A (10s). Furthermore, when the infill was reduced to 15%, the surface hardness could very well attain 60A and under. This results in wider spectrum of applications available to users. The flexible material exhibits excellent chemical resistivity, both high and low-temperature resistivity, as well as outstanding anti-creep and fatigue resistance characteristics. Product Test Results When printing with 100% infill, the surface hardness can reach 88-90A (10s), At 50% infill, the surface hardness can reach 83A, At 25% infill, the surface hardness can reach 75-77A, As the infill decrease to 15%, the surface hardness can still reach 65-67A. Recommendations Printing conditions: similar to printing ABS filaments. Nozzle temp.: 220℃~240℃. Heated bed: 100℃~110℃ (Ref.: 30mm/s, 0.3mm layer thickness, nozzle & heated bed temp. at 230℃and 105℃, respectively). Printer conditions: Since the material itself is supple, it is therefore recommended to have the printer built with the stepper motor directly above the tube. This allows the material to exert its maximum thrust as the motor draws it in. The gap between the feeder gear and the tube should be minimal at best (< 5mm is recommended), and the diameter of the tube should be as close as possible to 1.85mm. Also be aware that the feeder gear should not squeeze too tight. Having just enough force to draw in the material will suffice. It is of utter importance that the nozzle and the heated bed are kept at a distance as the preliminary layer is extruding. Failing to do so may result in bending of the material due to excessive resistance, and render the material unable to be drawn into the feeder successfully. When the print is complete, allow the heated bed to cool down prior to removing the print. Attempting to remove the print while the temperature remains moderately high may cause distortions of the print.

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Weight 3.00 lbs

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